Jewelry Review – Beautiful custom & fine Jewelry at Luxinelle Jewelry

by JewelStruck on Jul.26, 2015, under Reviews

At Luxinelle Jewelry you will find very stylish and one of a kind find Jewelry, which they have made sure is affordable too.They are a physical store located in the downtown Los Angeles Jewelry District and will celebrate their 36 year anniversary next month in August. The retail store is known as Gems Aura and now they have a very good online presence through their Etsy shop, LuxinelleJewelry, as well. Part of their collection, which they have put online is really amazing. I specially loved their collection of necklace and pendants.

Very Rare Carved Watermelon Tourmaline Butterfly Pendant

Very Rare Carved Watermelon Tourmaline Butterfly Pendant

Featured above is a cute butterfly pendant made of watermelon tourmaline carved into the shape of butterfly wings. Wings are attached to a 18K Yellow Gold body and it comes with a 18k yellow gold chain. They spend a a lot of time and effort for sourcing high quality stones and settings to put these pieces together. They have a really good collection of other Jewelry as well and with most of them being affordable.

They also provide you an option to pick up jewelry from their physical store. But you need to make sure you call them to confirm if product is available at that time. I would definitely recommend you to visit their website once and checkout their collection once.

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Review: Singapore fashion jewellery at Kimble Jewels

by JewelStruck on Apr.29, 2015, under Reviews

Just came across this Singapore online jewellery website, Kimble Jewels. They source from all over the globe so they can provide the best and you can keep staying at your best, everyday. They have amazing collection of necklaces, brooches, earrings, bracelets and charms to choose from. I specially loved their collection of statement necklaces.




The statement necklace featured above is by Kimble Jewels. It adds a rich and regal touch to your outfit. Perfect for dinner events. Not just this necklace, you will find a lot more jewellery pieces from their collection which look stunning and are extremely affordable as well. Just checkout their website, I’m sure you would love them too.

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Jewelry Review: All about promise rings at AllThingsPromiseRings

by JewelStruck on Apr.13, 2015, under Reviews

Just came across this website, which has great info about promise rings. Promise rings are pieces of jewelry whose purpose is to signify a commitment, which can be of anything, be it pre-engagement or friendship or any vow. A ‘promise ring’ is given to another person as a physical token of commitment. This can be in the form of friendship rings, purity rings, and sometimes even as a reminder of a promise made to oneself… but most commonly, they are used as a pre-engagement ring — a promise of a monogamous relationship.


Promise rings have been of great historical significance as well. Victorians were known to make rings and other jewelry that contained the hair of deceased loved ones. These were known as mourning rings, and could be very beautiful, often containing woven and braided strands of an already buried person’s hair. These items are still found in museums and sometimes for sale for collectors. Throughout history, rings were a kind of jewelry associated with high status and used to seal letters, giving an air of power and authority. To know more about promise rings do checkout their website.

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Bring your Jewellery to life via Kustom Jewellery

by JewelStruck on Mar.31, 2015, under Reviews

Have you ever thought about designing your own Jewellery, and make it the way you want? Now that is possible. Kustom Jewellery helps you transform your ideas from paper to finished jewellery. They help you create sketch of your design with dimensions and stone sizes calculated, to make sure that your design can be manufactured within your desired budget.

They keep you involved at every stage of production of your Jewellery. Their team of CAD designers will render your jewellery so you can see how it will look once it is done.

The process involves various phases in pre-production and production. Pre-production involves sketch designing, CAD/CAM designing, 3D rendering, RP 3D printing, CNC machining, hand wax carving, master making and molding. Production involves casting, filing & assembly, microscope setting, polishing & painting, laser engraving and enamel. They believe in using state of the art technology and the latest manufacturing equipment to produce jewellery of the highest standards.

I loved the concept of making my own Jewellery, I hope you will like it too. Do try them for sure, you can checkout their website here.

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Jewelry Review: Checkout Jewelry for Badasses at Sea Pony Couture

by JewelStruck on Mar.28, 2015, under Reviews

Based out of San Francisco, Sea Pony Couture is a Jewelry and custom couture by designer Fatima Fleming. She takes inspiration from hidden qualities in the world. Beautiful rough-cut and natural gem stones obscured within crude rocks joined with vintage chains, conflict free sterling silver 10k,14k,18k gold and bronze, make it perfect for the boldest modern progressives.

Fleming attended Humboldt State University and Academy of Art University for sculpture, jewelry and metalsmithing and began her career in metalsmithing in 1994. She is also involved in local and international music scenes both on and off the stage.  She has been a wardrobe and personal designer to such musical acts as Of Montreal and Geographer.

Sterling silver rings by Seapony Couture

Sterling silver rings by Sea Pony Couture

I specially loved her collection of rings as featured above. These 925 sterling silver rings are one of a kind, look amazing and reflect the type of person you are. They come is various sizes, which you can select before you order. These is much more to explore when you have a look at her website, do tell us what your experience is.

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