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Stunning Garnets Earrings with Special Honey Comb Cutting

by Shilpee Nagota on Aug.04, 2010, under Handmade Jewelry
Stunning Garnets Earrings with Special Honey Comb Cutting

Stunning Garnets Earrings with Special Honey Comb Cutting

  • Product name :- Garnets Earrings
  • Style of Jewelry :- Fancy Beaded Jewelery with Special Honey Comb Cutting
  • Metals used :- Metal wire
  • Settings used :- Beaded
  • Stones used :-  Garnets
  • Price :- Rs.150 (~4 USD)

To know more about us please visit

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Jewelry Making – New Illusion Necklace Design

by Kay Jacobs on Dec.12, 2009, under Jewelry Making

The illusion necklace is something that most people are familiar with. I decided that I would give a new twist to it and use colored nylon wire instead of clear in this necklace

Vintage Button Necklace

I use a color of wire that compliments the color elements used in the necklace. The center focal is a vintage button that I took out of a bracelet. I wanted to share this necklace with you because of the uniqueness of the design.

Following are step by step instructions to make this necklace.

Vintage Button Necklace Vintage Button Necklace
Vintage Button Necklace Vintage Button Necklace
Vintage Button Necklace Vintage Button Necklace
Vintage Button Necklace

You can use any stones or crystal rondelles that you like to make this necklace. There are lots of colors of nylon wire available, so choose one that will compliment the beads or crystals that you use.

If you want to see more designs using colored nylon wire, check out my DVD #11 and DVD #12 devoted to the use of this wire to make unique designs at Pizazz Beads.

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Getting started with Jewelry Making – Inspiration Ideas

by roberta on Nov.10, 2009, under Business Tips, Jewelry Making

Creating Jewelry to me was a hobby for a long time. During the economic crisis and because of health issues I had to change my life spending much time at home. Accustomed to the rhythms of my “lost” work and life very intense, I didn’t knew what to do with my time. And then I started to use this time to create new jewelry.

Pearls jewelry set - sale

  1. The first thing was to get informed on trends and styles that were trendy, surfing the Net and looking for new inspirations.
  2. Then I subscribed to various magazines and purchased books that explained and illustrated techniques and materials.
  3. Visiting the sites of designers and craftsmen who were doing this work in a professional manner, was very useful too.

I started to apply what I learned. In the beginning – I was interested in too many subjects, types and techniques which resulted in wasting time, energy and materials in different experiments. I questioned myself, trying to identify what really I wanted to do.

Now I have fixed some steps to give an orientation to my work and this has allowed me to be clear not only about the starting point, but also about the goal to reach. I tried to use the work experience acquired over many years of decorating and art, studying art and drawing on this experience to create my own lines.

Part of the objects I create are commercial but always personal. This is my list by which I try to get inspiration from –

  • Colors
  • Favorite artists
  • Favorite books
  • Songs
  • Poems
  • Specific eras
  • Opposites (good and bad, vices and virtues, white and black, etc.)

Whats your breakdown list when you plan to create something?

Roberta Aiello

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Part 2: Making Stained Glass Jewelry – The Process

by craftygagal on Nov.09, 2009, under Handmade Jewelry, Jewelry Making

In part 1- Tools and Materials – I outlined the tools and supplies need to make stained glass jewelry.

Now I will break it down step by step. I really enjoy the step by step process, know exactly what I need to do next. There is something about the process with its many many steps done in a certain order that I find comforting. Here are the the steps, all the ways down the the numerous cleanings that are imperative to making stained glass jewelry.

The Process of Making Stained Glass Jewelry

  1. I pick my glass, hold it up to the light to see what piece I want to cut.
  2. I clean the glass .
  3. I score the glass with a glass cutter that has a carbide wheel.
  4. I break the glass running pliers (sometime I use a grozier, which are flat nosed, soft metal pliers).
  5. I grind the glass with a diamond bit on a grinder that grinds at a high speed. Grinding does two things, it take the sharp edge off and it is used to obtain the desired shape.
  6. Clean glass which is covered in residue and glass bits.
  7. Wrap the edges of the glass with copper foil.
  8. Apply flux (which is what makes the solder stick to the foil).
  9. Apply the lead free solder on one side.
  10. I let cool, that is why working in a batch is good because I can continue to work while they cool
  11. Repeat process to other side, including appling more flux
  12. Solder the bail/ hoop on
  13. Clean
  14. I polish with silver polish to remove flux residue and make it shiny and pretty
  15. I clean it Yet Again.


These pieces of stained glass jewelry and many others can be found at craftyGAgal Creations.

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Creating Focal Components using Polymer Clay for Impulse Bead Buys

by Laura Rockefeller on Nov.05, 2009, under Handmade Jewelry, Jewelry Making

You know you’ve done it. You saw a strand of beads, or two or six, and you just had to have them. I’m certainly guilty of impulse buys of this kind, only to get home and discover I have no focal bead to go with them. So I trot back out to the local bead shop where none of the focals seem quite right. So what to do?

You don’t want to let your beautiful new beads collect dust in one of your many bead storage containers. That’s a fate no bead should ever have to face, especially not those pretties you just brought home!

Enter polymer clay. With your beads handy, you can blend polymer clay colors to craft a perfect match or complement to your new beads. And with a myriad of techniques, there’s a style for every necklace. The focal points for the necklaces above were made out of polymer clay specifically to match beads in my inventory.

Turquoise and Quartz Necklace featuring Handmade Polymer Clay Beads

The green necklace has a round focal made from a jelly role cane to match kelly green round quartz beads. I’ve also created round beads to balance out the chuunkiness of the turquoise nuggets.

Two-strand Majorelle Blue Necklace featuring Handmade Polymer Focal Bead

The blue necklace has a trapezoidal focal bead made of of clay using a marbleizing technique. They match perfectly with the sapphire ceramic discs I just had to have. With polymer clay, you’ll always have beads to match those darling impulse buys!

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