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Selling Silver Jewelry

by JewelStruck on Oct.28, 2015, under Business Tips

Silver jewelry has been selling like hot cakes these days. Reason being it’s not only beautiful, but very much in style recently. Silver jewelry compliments almost everything you wear, and is often cheaper than other types of jewelry. 

If you are planning to add silver jewelry to your store, you can either consider to manufacture it yourself or just buy it from a wholesale store. Given manufacturing costs consume a lot of effort w.r.t time & money, if you are not really into one-of-a-kind jewelry, it will always be better to source it from a wholesale store. There are many places where you can buy silver jewelry wholesale, but best way is via online stores.

When you are planning to purchase silver jewelry make sure, you buy sterling silver, which is more often marked with ‘925’. Also as silver being relatively inexpensive, gives you an option to keep a big catalogue and provide multiple options for buyers to choose from.


bead-100-chain-1-0mm-cbl-100-20 popcorn-150-chain-1-5mm-rhodium-plated-cpr-150-15

One place which I’ve recently found good collection is I specially liked there collection of wholesale silver chains (featured above).They are in market for more than 30 years, and keep on renewing their collections. You can also get updates about their latest collection from their blog. There are many other places which you can find online to source your jewelry from.

One drawback with silver jewelry is, that it tarnishes. Once you have purchased jewelry, its very important to clean and polish your jewelry on a regular basis. This helps your jewelry to maintain its shine and gives it a longer life.

I hope you liked this article, happy selling this festive season!

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Tips for Choosing Pearls

by JewelStruck on May.02, 2012, under Business Tips

Pearl jewelry always makes a lovely gift. Jewlers who have a degree in design love to use pearls for their simple and elegant beauty. Not only are pearls great for jewelry but they also are well worth the investment. The price for high-quality pearls can increase over time. However it’s important to understand the characteristics of quality pearls before making such an investment.

There are six factors in choosing quality pearls: nacre thickness, size, shape, color and surface texture. The nacre layer is made of fine crystalline that the oyster deposits and reflects light and gives a pearl its unique beauty. High quality pearls have an even and brilliant reflection that also has a warm glow due to a thick nacre layer. A thick nacre layer also makes the pearl larger. Low quality pearls are smaller and only have a dull sheen.

The main reflection on a pearl surface is also the source of its color. Light colored pearls consist of shades of gold, white, and cream. Light colored pearls of the best value are white with pink or silver undertones. Black pearls with green or blue overtones are the best value of dark-toned pearls.

Pearl shapes can vary greatly and an irregular shape is not necessarily a sign of a low-quality pearl. Pearls of uniform shape allow jewelry designers more room to be creative, but an irregular shaped pearl is more unique and can give the pearl a higher value. Consider the purpose your pearls will serve when you choose to buy.

Pearls from different areas can also have unique characteristics. For example, pearls from the South Sea have a high reputation and are very valuable. Have high luminosity and quality. South Sea pearls are 11 mm to 15 mm in diameter and are popular for jewelry.

A high-quality pearl is the Akoya, which are saltwater pearls from the Akoya oyster. These pearls are round and have colors ranging from light pink, to white, or beige. These pearls tend to be smaller in size and those larger than 10 mm are very rare.

In addition to saltwater pearls, freshwater pearls can vary more greatly in form and color. In some cases freshwater pearls can be more valuable because of their variety of color.

It’s also important to ensure that the pearls to plan on purchasing are the genuine, as there are many different types of artificial pearls. Real pearls can differ somewhat in shape, color and size, but fake pearls will be very uniform in quality. You can also bite a pearl; a real pearl will feel sandy and will not scratch easily. Imitation pearls are smooth and can peel. Imitation pearls are also highly flammable while real pearls are not able to burn.

If you’re interested in learning more about oysters and other types of biological life, consider an online biology degree.


How To Choose the Best Pearl Jewelry

Tips for Choosing the Best Pearl

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Stella & Dot – Selling Jewelry socially

by JewelStruck on Sep.29, 2011, under Business Tips, Jewelry Trends, News & Events

Direct-Selling Jewelry company, Stella & Dot is an Inc 500 Fastest-Growing Company. It is a social selling company that creates flexible opportunities for women to be work from home entrepreneurs.

They sell exclusively through friendly Stella & Dot Stylists online and at in home trunk shows. Customers and hostesses adore the style, and each Stylist is able to build their own flexible, modern business on a foundation of irresistible product and exceedingly personal service.

Moving ahead from their Business model, I check out their Jewelry section. They really do have awesome Jewelry pieces to offer. I loved their fall collection 2011.

 Fall collection 2011

From fall collection 2011

They also have been recently featured quite a lot in various fashion magzine. Another Jewelry piece, which I came across and liked so much was this necklace.

Pegasus Real Simple

Pegasus Real Simple

So, go ahead and indulge your friends in a little girl time and shopping by hosting a private party. And don’t be surprised if you enjoy the experience and the rewards so much you decide to join them as a Stylist.

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Avoid Risky Trends with Forever Lasting Jewelry Statements

by Joy Jewlr on Dec.11, 2009, under Business Tips, Jewelry Trends

Some trends manage to last an entire fashion season while others come and go so quickly that they are never to be seen or heard of again. Butterfly hair clips, Spice Girl paraphernalia, mood rings, and other frivolous trends not only retire from our wardrobes but also from our memories. Sad but true, some trends are never meant to last.

When jewelry shopping for a loved one, the last thing we want is for our gift to be forgotten, worthless, or worse, at a garage sale. We want our gift to be worn and cherished; we want it to have special meaning so it can last forever.

So, how do you buy a fashionable piece of jewelry that will look beautiful and last forever? To ensure that your jewelry picks and gifts will truly last a lifetime, avoid risky trends with these simple tips.

First, shop for significance. A celebration band for a graduation gift will have far more meaning than a cool wristwatch.

Second, shop with class. Avoid some of the bizarre and borderline tacky trends by sticking with the classics. Gold and silver will always be in style as opposed to colorful beads, which may only be worn once or twice. In this case, a classic diamond is always forever; proving, that less is more beautiful.

Third, and finally, shop with love. It’s a no-brainer that when you put your heart into something, the results are always beautiful. When you take the time to personalize a special gift, you know that it will be cherished – and perhaps even worn – forever.

Checkout more such personalized jewelry on Jewlr.

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Jewelry Business Tips – Trunk Shows Rock!

by jessejamesbeads on Nov.24, 2009, under Business Tips

A few weeks ago, the company that I work for decided to offer our Fashion-Inspired Bead Strands to several bead stores on consignment. “What a wonderful idea,” I thought. Consigning lets these bead shops can test out a new innovative product at no risk.


I sent consignment information to our “Bead Shops” list of friends, and crossed my fingers that someone would be interested. Guess what? Within a few hours of sending the info out, I had several responses curious to see what the Jesse James Beads’ “Trunk Show” was all about.

Trunk Show? Oh yes, consigning in the beading world is called a Trunk Show! (my A-Ha moment)

I’ve now learned that many bead shops participate in consignment “Trunk Show” offers. Here is how they work:

  • A bead shop gets a shipment of a company’s product in at no upfront cost
  • The bead shop sells the product for a set amount of days
  • At the end of the trunk show/consignment term, the shop can choose to keep or send back unwanted product.
  • The bead shop pays only for the beads they keep, leaving them only with profit if they send the company’s product leftovers back.

What a wonderful way to try out a new product or company without any risk whatsoever!


Jesse James Beads Fashion-Inspired Strands are unique in concept and design. They are completely innovative – No other company offers mixed Czech strands in color combinations inspired by fashion trends. But because our product lines are so different-from-the-norm, bead shops feel they could be risky. Praise be to The Trunk Show, aka the Risk Eraser! Bead shops now get to assess the revenue opportunities of a new product (without worry of it not working out). The Trunk Show lets the customers decide whether a product is worth stocking. If the beads sell well, buy more. If they don’t, return the leftovers and keep the product. Trunk Shows Rock!


How can you make a “Trunk Show” type of business offer work for your company? Whether you create jewelry, sell beads, resell beads, or just enjoy reading this blog! Is there someway that you can take the trunk show concept and use it to introduce new people to the work you do and love?

If you haven’t seen our Fashion-Inspired Czech Strands, please peruse! Do check ’em out…


With So Much Love to You and Yours,
Sarah James

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