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Jewelry Review: Astonishing collection of Diamonds & Jewelry at Miro Jewelers

by JewelStruck on Mar.15, 2014, under Reviews

Today I was checking out stores selling Wedding Jewelry online and came across this website of Miro Jewelers. They are Diamond importer and Jewelry manufacturing company based out of Denver Metro area. In over five decades they have grown from a small boutique to a multi-level jewelry store in the heart of Cherry Creek North.

One thing I liked about the stores website was, that I could search for exactly what type of diamond I wanted on the site itself. They have tie-up with one of the largest diamond site holders in the world, which gives a huge range to select the center stone and also guarantees best price and quality consistently. I specially loved their collection of engagement rings and wedding bands, one of which is features below.

Verragio Parisian 122R Engagement Ring by Miro Jewelers

Verragio Parisian 122R Engagement Ring by Miro Jewelers

Showcased above is a three stone Verragio Parisian 122R Engagement Ring, from their ‘New Parisian Collection’. Not just engagement rings and bands, they also have a wide selection of diamonds, pendants, bracelets, earrings, fashion jewelry, men’s jewelry, and watches.

You will find every piece of jewelry in their store competitively priced and crafted with perfection. Their motive being very simple, to make the customer always smiling and coming back for more. I loved their collection and would definitely recommend you to visit their online store.

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Jewelry Review: Exceptionally crafted wedding bands at Wedding Bands World

by JewelStruck on Jan.24, 2014, under Reviews

I recently visited this website, with amazing collection of wedding bands. At Wedding Bands World you will find a stunning collection of wedding rings made using gold, platinum, palladium or a combination of these metals. I specially loved their collection of black diamond rings, one of which is showcased below.

Black Diamond Men`s Wedding Band

Black Diamond Men`s Wedding Band

They have huge variety of wedding bands in both men’s and women’s section, with varying range to suit everyone’s pocket. The best part about them is, they they own the manufacturing unit where rings are made. Located at the heart of Diamond District in New York City, they manufacture hundreds of artfully crafted wedding rings. Their craftsmen make sure each ring has high quality design and is crafted to perfection. Do checkout their website – to know more about them.

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How to Shop for Wedding Bands

by JewelStruck on Nov.23, 2013, under Reviews

When two people decide to unite their destinies and start together a new life, they think about marriage. However, in order to accomplish such a demanding task, they first need to choose their wedding rings. These will represent the symbol of commitment and love for the rest of their lives. So they have to be perfect!

The notions of wedding bands and wedding rings have become quite popular lately and they have even become interchangeable. However, once upon a time there was a clear difference between them.


In the past, women received a family ring, simple or with lively colored gems in order to mark the man’s intentions. On the other hand, men wore the popular wedding bands, which were actually circle metals, without any diamonds or stones.

There are plenty of models available on the market nowadays and they include different embellishments and ornaments, but some people choose to go with the simple band because they know that a classic look never fails.

The main difference between wedding rings and wedding bands is that the wedding rings have more ornaments and designs, while the bands remain faithful to the simplistic, but elegant style that has made them famous. Lots of couples choose this version because it makes them feel unique. In a world where everyone is looking for the best and most intricate model, simplicity becomes a proof of uniqueness.

But what is the best way in which you can shop for wedding bands? The online version of course! On our site you will manage to find a large selection of wedding rings and bands that can satisfy even the most pretentious desires.

Wedding band

The collections displayed have different prices, making it easier for you to find the perfect rings or bands at a reasonable price. Taking into account that the quality-price ratio is actually amazing and convenient you will not end up regretting your choices. In some cases, couples might choose the rings that they have always dreamt of but when paying for them, they felt really disappointed that their dreams had to cost so much. You will not have this feeling here!

While trying to preserve the simple band look that attracts couples, we have still managed to create rings and bands that combine this with the modern aspects of today. Thus you will preserve modernity in an endless style. Combinations of white and yellow gold, platinum, silver, titanium and diamonds are waiting for you to discover them. Tattoos and engravings are also available so that you can remember that special day for the rest of your lives.


Accept the assistance of our specialized jewelers and notice how easy it can be to select the perfect rings for you and your partner. You don’t need anything else to make this day special, but having the perfect rings will definitely help. So make sure you choose wisely and start creating long lasting memories of your future life together.

Enjoy your love and make the best of it!

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Jewelry Review: Customize Your Engagement and Wedding Bands

by JewelStruck on Oct.10, 2012, under Reviews

Aside from your memories, your wedding jewellery is the most enduring part of your ceremony. It serves as a symbol of your love and a daily reminder of your commitment to one another. Working with a jewellery designer to create a custom ring lets you create a lasting memento rich with deeper meaning and perfectly suited to your style.

Bespoke engagement bands and wedding bands have become a major trend as couples seek a more personal and meaningful expression of their commitment. A jewellery designer can work with you to incorporate especially meaningful items into your rings. Make a romantic statement by having the first gift of diamond jewellery you ever gave her reset as an accent stone in her engagement band or wedding band. Heirloom jewellery can become the foundation for a new ring too, making pieces that are outdated or too fragile for daily wear a part of a lasting legacy in diamonds and precious metals. Birthstone gems are another way to add deeper meaning to a bespoke ring.

The process of choosing a Custom made ring usually begins with an informal interview with a designer; starting the design ideas from scratch or you may choose to pick some pre-made elements of the design and modify them to add your personal style.

Bespoke wedding jewellery is the ultimate expression of your love. When you want to say it all in a single band of gold, design your own custom rings together. You’ll cherish the memories of the process as well as the gorgeous work of wearable art you produce.

About Them: Finding that perfect ring is very important for any occasion. When you want to ensure you have the perfect ring for your partner or loved one, you will find that spending the time to have one custom made, will give you plenty of options to ensure you have the right style, craftsmanship and personal touch to make the perfect ring. If you are in search of these choices, visit Haywards of Hong Kong to help you get the process started. You can visit them online at

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