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Avoid Risky Trends with Forever Lasting Jewelry Statements

by Joy Jewlr on Dec.11, 2009, under Business Tips, Jewelry Trends

Some trends manage to last an entire fashion season while others come and go so quickly that they are never to be seen or heard of again. Butterfly hair clips, Spice Girl paraphernalia, mood rings, and other frivolous trends not only retire from our wardrobes but also from our memories. Sad but true, some trends are never meant to last.

When jewelry shopping for a loved one, the last thing we want is for our gift to be forgotten, worthless, or worse, at a garage sale. We want our gift to be worn and cherished; we want it to have special meaning so it can last forever.

So, how do you buy a fashionable piece of jewelry that will look beautiful and last forever? To ensure that your jewelry picks and gifts will truly last a lifetime, avoid risky trends with these simple tips.

First, shop for significance. A celebration band for a graduation gift will have far more meaning than a cool wristwatch.

Second, shop with class. Avoid some of the bizarre and borderline tacky trends by sticking with the classics. Gold and silver will always be in style as opposed to colorful beads, which may only be worn once or twice. In this case, a classic diamond is always forever; proving, that less is more beautiful.

Third, and finally, shop with love. It’s a no-brainer that when you put your heart into something, the results are always beautiful. When you take the time to personalize a special gift, you know that it will be cherished – and perhaps even worn – forever.

Checkout more such personalized jewelry on Jewlr.

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The Benefits of Online Jewelry Shopping

by Joy Jewlr on Dec.02, 2009, under News & Events

Sometimes we just don’t have the time to commute to a mall and browse stores from top to bottom; and when we do have the time, we are often faced with unbearable crowds and overpriced parking. Sometimes shopping for that perfect gift can be a royal pain in the behind.

For these reasons and more, millions of consumers have turned to online shopping for both a more time and cost effective shopping experience. Not only does online shopping save you from parking lot frustration and sardine-in-a-can crowds, it’s easy, affordable, and best of all you can shop from the comfort of your home.


The majority of online shoppers want to ensure that their information is secure while embarking on a fun and user-friendly shopping experience. When it comes to online jewelry shopping, it’s natural for some skepticism to arise in regard to quality and accuracy of what your chosen piece will actually look like.


Fortunately, skepticism can be put at ease thanks to several online technological advancements. Many online jewelry stores, such as, are proving to be a secure and trusted way to shop. Due to Jewlr’s creative visual-wizards, secure payment system, and high quality manufacturing the result is simply happy and satisfied customers. Not only does Jewlr provide an instant shot of what your personalized item will look like, but it provides a simple ring sizer tool, which you can use to determine your ring size if you do not already know it.


It’s safe to say that online jewelry shopping has come a long way to satisfy us savvy-shoppers. Not only do we avoid the lines, crowds, and extra costs (i.e. parking etc), we get our goods delivered straight to our door ;) Now that’s what I call shopping!

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