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Beautiful Bracelet with Pearls Pearls & more Pearls

by geisha on Jun.07, 2010, under Handmade Jewelry

Beautiful Bracelet with Pearls Pearls & more Pearls

I love freshwater pearls and these days the possibilities are endless with freshwater pearls! You can get them in any shape or color. My favorite shape is keshi, which look kinda like fruity pebbles. Lately I have been making bracelets that involve a lot of pearls. I pick a color, then vary the shades and shapes to make a charm-like bracelet. I hand string freshwater pearls with swarovski crystals onto antique copper and brass headpins and wrap em up tight! Then I painstakingly open and close chain links and indivually add one pearl at a time. I try to throw in a glass or gemstone briolette here and there.

To finish it off I add a toggle clasp. This clasp here is an antique coppper flower toggle clasp that I import for Istanbal, Turkey! To veiw more pics of this bracelet head over to my etsy store at

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Pearl, pearls and more pearls!

by francine on Apr.09, 2010, under Handmade Jewelry



If you are like me, you have pearls all over the place, including the floor. As you know, pearls come in many different sizes and shapes. They are all beautiful and add that something special to a piece of jewelry.

I recently collected up all of my stray pearls from the floor of my studio and decided to create something with them.

Since I did not have enough for an entire necklace and there were too many different sizes to create a bracelet where they were simply string on beading wire, I decided to drill larger holes in them and knot them on linen.

While drilling pearls is not overly difficult, it is very dusty project and you MUST wear a mask to avoid breathing in all of that dust.

After the pearls were drilled, they were strung and knotted on black linen. The clasp is actually a button and works quite well on this piece as it breaks up the color and adds some shine.

This project will work with any color or shapes of pearls. So check out your stash of loose pearls and let’s see what you come up with!

You can check more of my creations here –

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Vintage Inspired Copper Necklace

by Kay Jacobs on Nov.25, 2009, under Handmade Jewelry

I love vintage and I love copper.

I made this asymmetric necklace with copper to give it a vintage look.I can’t say that the style of this necklace is vintage but it is a very unique design that I used some fun textures and shapes to make.The stones used are Amazonite and the pearls are peacock rondelles.

Following are close up views of this unique necklace.

Copper Amazonite
Copper Amazonite Necklace Copper Amazonite Necklace

I made this necklace because I love to design unique and unusual jewelry. I know that all designs may not appeal to everyone but I hope that if you are a jewerly maker you will be inspired to stretch your design imagination by what you see here.

If you want to use Amazonite bead or Peacock Pearl Rondelles in your beaded jewelry, you can find ones like those used in this pendant at Pizazz Beads.

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GEMS November – Citrine Jewelry : Sea & Sand Necklace with plump champagne etched citrines

by JewelStruck on Nov.24, 2009, under GEMS

Further in our GEMS November series for citrine. In coming days we are planning to show some amazing jewelry pieces using citrine. If you want to showcase your work too, you can email us at or comment here.

This stunning cluster necklace features the color palette of a pristine Caribbean beach!

Plump champagne etched citrines portray the warmth of the beach while icy blue topaz and metallic blue pearls represent the waters lapping on the shore.

Sea & Sand Necklace with plump champagne etched citrines

Credit for this awesome necklace goes to Stellarrox

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Large ‘Love Hurts’ choker

by Maura Nicholson on Nov.12, 2009, under Handmade Jewelry

LH 003

Large 'Love Hurts' choker

At last my new ‘Love hurts’ range is finished!

This choker is 5 strands of purple, black and peacock black – pearls, labradorite, hematite, faceted black onyx and iolite beads. It has long slightly pointed handcut brass hearts hanging from it and brass hearts at each end.You can buy this from my website.

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