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Rainbow necklaces, with handcut brass & semi precious stones

by Maura Nicholson on Jun.03, 2010, under Handmade Jewelry

Muti coloured necklace

Brass and semi precious stone necklace

These necklaces are made from handcut brass shapes they have lapis,peridot,garnet,amethyst,iolite,jade,topaz,aquamarine,gold filled and emerald beads.  You can layer them up for a very dramatic look or wear just one. I love the mix of all the different colours and I will be wearing them this summer.

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Pearl and Iolite ring

by Maura Nicholson on Apr.23, 2010, under Handmade Jewelry

delicious iolite

iolite and pearl ring

This ring was made for my wedding range but I think it could be worn everyday. It is made from silver wire and has clusters of freshwater pearl and delicious iolite chip beads. Iolite is just to die for ! it is such a beautiful stone and I think amongst my many favorites it is in my top five. You can check more of my jewelry on my web store.

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Love Hurts Necklace – Handcut brass hearts with Pearls, Labradorite, Hematite, Iolte and Onyx beads

by Maura Nicholson on Nov.16, 2009, under Handmade Jewelry

Love Hurts Necklace

Love Hurts Necklace

Another piece from my ‘Love Hurts’ range, lots of handcut brass hearts with black, blue and purple pearls, black peacock pearls, labradorite, hematite and iolte and faceted black onyx beads.

Why have I called the range ‘Love Hurts’  maybe because there is lots of dark coloured beads and pointy hearts, showing the darker side of love or maybe because it just sounded good!

If you would like to checkout more from this page, browse my website :-)

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Large ‘Love Hurts’ choker

by Maura Nicholson on Nov.12, 2009, under Handmade Jewelry

LH 003

Large 'Love Hurts' choker

At last my new ‘Love hurts’ range is finished!

This choker is 5 strands of purple, black and peacock black – pearls, labradorite, hematite, faceted black onyx and iolite beads. It has long slightly pointed handcut brass hearts hanging from it and brass hearts at each end.You can buy this from my website.

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Silver, black onyx and iolite ring

by Maura Nicholson on Oct.24, 2009, under Handmade Jewelry

More delicious iolite from me, this ring is made from silver wire and has a black onyx and iolite stones. It is from my new winter collection which is full of strong colours, black labradorite, garnet, ruby, sapphire, amethyst, black onyx and iolite. The inspiration is from my younger years as a hippie/punk when anything went, lepaord skin and red feathers, purple flowers and red jeans, lots of outrageous jewellery and as much as you could possible wear! Have a look at my website for more.

Black onyx and iolite ring

Black onyx and iolite ring

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