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Stella & Dot – Selling Jewelry socially

by JewelStruck on Sep.29, 2011, under Business Tips, Jewelry Trends, News & Events

Direct-Selling Jewelry company, Stella & Dot is an Inc 500 Fastest-Growing Company. It is a social selling company that creates flexible opportunities for women to be work from home entrepreneurs.

They sell exclusively through friendly Stella & Dot Stylists online and at in home trunk shows. Customers and hostesses adore the style, and each Stylist is able to build their own flexible, modern business on a foundation of irresistible product and exceedingly personal service.

Moving ahead from their Business model, I check out their Jewelry section. They really do have awesome Jewelry pieces to offer. I loved their fall collection 2011.

 Fall collection 2011

From fall collection 2011

They also have been recently featured quite a lot in various fashion magzine. Another Jewelry piece, which I came across and liked so much was this necklace.

Pegasus Real Simple

Pegasus Real Simple

So, go ahead and indulge your friends in a little girl time and shopping by hosting a private party. And don’t be surprised if you enjoy the experience and the rewards so much you decide to join them as a Stylist.

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Jewelry Business Tips – Trunk Shows Rock!

by jessejamesbeads on Nov.24, 2009, under Business Tips

A few weeks ago, the company that I work for decided to offer our Fashion-Inspired Bead Strands to several bead stores on consignment. “What a wonderful idea,” I thought. Consigning lets these bead shops can test out a new innovative product at no risk.


I sent consignment information to our “Bead Shops” list of friends, and crossed my fingers that someone would be interested. Guess what? Within a few hours of sending the info out, I had several responses curious to see what the Jesse James Beads’ “Trunk Show” was all about.

Trunk Show? Oh yes, consigning in the beading world is called a Trunk Show! (my A-Ha moment)

I’ve now learned that many bead shops participate in consignment “Trunk Show” offers. Here is how they work:

  • A bead shop gets a shipment of a company’s product in at no upfront cost
  • The bead shop sells the product for a set amount of days
  • At the end of the trunk show/consignment term, the shop can choose to keep or send back unwanted product.
  • The bead shop pays only for the beads they keep, leaving them only with profit if they send the company’s product leftovers back.

What a wonderful way to try out a new product or company without any risk whatsoever!


Jesse James Beads Fashion-Inspired Strands are unique in concept and design. They are completely innovative – No other company offers mixed Czech strands in color combinations inspired by fashion trends. But because our product lines are so different-from-the-norm, bead shops feel they could be risky. Praise be to The Trunk Show, aka the Risk Eraser! Bead shops now get to assess the revenue opportunities of a new product (without worry of it not working out). The Trunk Show lets the customers decide whether a product is worth stocking. If the beads sell well, buy more. If they don’t, return the leftovers and keep the product. Trunk Shows Rock!


How can you make a “Trunk Show” type of business offer work for your company? Whether you create jewelry, sell beads, resell beads, or just enjoy reading this blog! Is there someway that you can take the trunk show concept and use it to introduce new people to the work you do and love?

If you haven’t seen our Fashion-Inspired Czech Strands, please peruse! Do check ’em out…


With So Much Love to You and Yours,
Sarah James

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Color and Fashion: Two Monumental Elements in Jewelry Design

by jessejamesbeads on Oct.22, 2009, under Jewelry Trends

Fashion and color are partners in crime, one cannot be without the other. Color is a force to be reckoned with and it has the power to make or break a fashionable piece. When thoughtfully planned, fashionable coloring will make your jewelry design rock solid.

A few notes on color:
-Colors run in trends and they change with the seasons.
-Out of style colors = out of style jewelry
-A jewelry piece can be fashionable JUST by the colors that you use

Use Pantone seasonal color reports as a jumping off point for your color planning. Shown here is the Pantone Fashion Color Report of Fall/Winter 2009/2010:

The 10 Most In-Style Colors of the Fall/Winter 2009/2010 Season

The 10 Most In-Style Colors of the Fall/Winter 2009/2010 Season

Pantone surveys the designers of New York Fashion Week to report on the 10 most directional colors of each season. The current season’s color choices are diverse but uniquely integrate with each other, making Fall/Winter 2009/2010 an incredibly appealing fashion season.

These Pantone colors are the most in-style colors of the season. And you know what is amazing? They ALL match with one another.

Jesse James Beads has just released 11 New Bead Combos that have been inspired by Fall Fashion and the current Pantone report. Please peruse our new combos and their fashion inspiration in the photos below. Follow the link at the bottom of this page to view and purchase the hottest bead combos on the ‘net.

inspired by designer's top runway looks and the fall/winter 2009/2010 pantone report
Jesse James Beads Fall Combos 4 - 6
Jesse James Beads Fall Combos 7 - 9
Jesse James Beads Fall Combos 10 and 11

Jesse James Beads is a fashion-based bead company that continually follows trends in color and fashion to create hot bead mixes. Jesse James Beads is the first and only bead company to deliver high quality bead mixes that have been inspired by haute fashion. Check us out at

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Fall Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2009 – An Introduction

by jessejamesbeads on Oct.08, 2009, under Jewelry Trends

Jewelry and fashion. What would one be without the other? Though jewelry trends change with the season, there is but one constant – Jewelry will NEVER go out of style. As a jewelry creator, you are blessed with the gift of fashion – you can take heed to the season’s hottest trends and create your own unique versions with riveting personal style.

Now, on with Fall Trends 2009! What’s hot this season? And how can we add some of that hotness to our next jewelry designs? The major jewelry trends this fall are big, bold pieces that are rich in COLOR and TEXTURE.

Beaded Leaf Statement Necklace, from Vera Wang's Fall Collection

Get in style this fall by creating ornately detailed earrings, necklaces, cocktail rings, chunky bracelets and cuffs. Make elaborate details with gemstones, filigrees, tassles and charm decorum. Anything ornate that will add texture to your piece is completely in-style for this fall’s fashion season.

Fall 2009 is killer for color – Have you seen the Pantone report for this season? Holler! It’s amazingly vibrant, rich and alluring. Take heed to Pantone’s advice, as they are right on point with fashion and jewelry color trends for fall. Colors are rich, yet casual and they absolutely scream fall.

5 Strand Amethyst Crystal Baguette Bracelet - Janis, by Janis Savitt

Stay tuned for more detailed information on Fall’s hottest trends. Statement necklaces, chandelier earrings, cocktail rings, torsade necklaces, embellished cuffs, and more – this fall is looking good already! I’ll be back to tell you about one trend per week and how to apply that trend into your jewelry designs.

Style Wrap-Up: Use rich hues to create a vibrant burst of colors. Pay attention to details to create alluring and ornate textures.

Visit jessejamesbeads website to find top quality beads in fashion-inspired color combinations. We are forever following trends and updating our products accordingly to provide beaders with the market’s best beads in fashion’s hottest color combinations.

Cuff in gilded brass and natural rock crystals, by Herve Van der Straeten

Statement Necklace from Tom Binn's

Chandelier-Style Earrings by Herve Van der Straeten

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