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Jewelry Review: Customize Your Engagement and Wedding Bands

by JewelStruck on Oct.10, 2012, under Reviews

Aside from your memories, your wedding jewellery is the most enduring part of your ceremony. It serves as a symbol of your love and a daily reminder of your commitment to one another. Working with a jewellery designer to create a custom ring lets you create a lasting memento rich with deeper meaning and perfectly suited to your style.

Bespoke engagement bands and wedding bands have become a major trend as couples seek a more personal and meaningful expression of their commitment. A jewellery designer can work with you to incorporate especially meaningful items into your rings. Make a romantic statement by having the first gift of diamond jewellery you ever gave her reset as an accent stone in her engagement band or wedding band. Heirloom jewellery can become the foundation for a new ring too, making pieces that are outdated or too fragile for daily wear a part of a lasting legacy in diamonds and precious metals. Birthstone gems are another way to add deeper meaning to a bespoke ring.

The process of choosing a Custom made ring usually begins with an informal interview with a designer; starting the design ideas from scratch or you may choose to pick some pre-made elements of the design and modify them to add your personal style.

Bespoke wedding jewellery is the ultimate expression of your love. When you want to say it all in a single band of gold, design your own custom rings together. You’ll cherish the memories of the process as well as the gorgeous work of wearable art you produce.

About Them: Finding that perfect ring is very important for any occasion. When you want to ensure you have the perfect ring for your partner or loved one, you will find that spending the time to have one custom made, will give you plenty of options to ensure you have the right style, craftsmanship and personal touch to make the perfect ring. If you are in search of these choices, visit Haywards of Hong Kong to help you get the process started. You can visit them online at

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