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Purple Necklace using felt with vintage buttons and green beaded chain

by ylenia on Dec.11, 2009, under Handmade Jewelry

In this period I like making necklaces above all, mixing materials and make them as colorful as possible. I noticed that purple is an evergreen colour. It can be matched with white, yellow (lovely contrast!) and green for example, and it really brightens any kind of hair/skin combination, from dark to light.

So I decided to create something special and the Purple Royale necklace is the final result:


I used felt, vintage buttons and green beaded chain, mohair wool for embroidery and brass chain. It took some time but it was worthwhile and this piece can be worn on a wide range of clothes to boost your look! In the pictures below I am wearing it on a dark purple poncho. Perfect if you don’t like to get unnoticed!

etsy lana 008

You can find the Purple Royale necklace in my shop.

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Fall Winter Trends : Fun with bib-necklaces!

by ylenia on Nov.16, 2009, under Handmade Jewelry

Today’s post is about one of the coolest fall-winter jewelry trends. Bib-necklaces are funny, romantic and give my neck a warm and cozy feeling. This is why I love creating them in a wide range of models and colors, enriching each one  with sequins, beads, vintage buttons and wool embroidery. I like sewing on their back a lovely satin ribbon to be tied around the neck or providing them with an adjustable chain to create a nice contrast between fabric and metal.

My fall-winter creations are mostly in felt, but I long for spring to start creating them in different fabrics and keep playing! ;)

Here can you find a selection of  bib-necklaces I created so far:

You can find them and even more in my stores

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