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Fall Winter Trends : Fun with bib-necklaces!

by ylenia on Nov.16, 2009, under Handmade Jewelry

Today’s post is about one of the coolest fall-winter jewelry trends. Bib-necklaces are funny, romantic and give my neck a warm and cozy feeling. This is why I love creating them in a wide range of models and colors, enriching each one  with sequins, beads, vintage buttons and wool embroidery. I like sewing on their back a lovely satin ribbon to be tied around the neck or providing them with an adjustable chain to create a nice contrast between fabric and metal.

My fall-winter creations are mostly in felt, but I long for spring to start creating them in different fabrics and keep playing! ;)

Here can you find a selection of  bib-necklaces I created so far:

You can find them and even more in my stores

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Small things that can make you feel great

by ylenia on Nov.09, 2009, under Handmade Jewelry

Hi from Italy everybody!

As this is my very first post in this blog, I would like to start by introducing myself and the jewelry I create. I live in Milan, and I have a real passion for fabric and colors. This is why I love making jewels out of felt, cotton, ribbons and custom buttons. These I use to create necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets whose purpose is to add that funny, colorful touch to a pair of jeans or sometimes a serious look.

Light coral pink felt and floral tensha beads are the ingredients for this funny necklace.

I called my Jewelry line “Small things by WakameSalada” because I want my jewels to be that little something which makes people smile and makes every girl who wears it feel original, feminine and cheered up at the same time.

I would describe me as an observer. I keep an eye on which colors people like to wear and how they interprete it, and try to create something which can meet their needs without being ordinary. Of course, I do the same when choosing my look, as I really believe that a colorful and stylish look influences your mood, too.

022resizedYou can find my jewels at the following online stores:

Thank you and see you soon!


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Sankalpa – Colorful Crystal Quartz and Gold Bracelet

by Jewels of Saraswati on Oct.03, 2009, under Handmade Jewelry

This bracelet is made of beautiful multi colored quartz crystal with unique inclusions. I paired the stones with gold plated spacers and a gold toggle to warm up the natural colors of the quartz.

A lovely bracelet perfect for the Autumn season!

This item is for purchase in the Jewels Of Saraswati shop.

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Jewelry Trends Fall 2009

by justatish on Sep.30, 2009, under Jewelry Trends

Jewelry is bigger, bolder and chunkier than ever for this fall season according to The Insider. Jewelry gets to be the focal of fashion this time and is no longer an accessory.

Fall colors range from classic olive, tan and grey to casual mauve, orange and purple. Be daring!! It is finally in style!!

Fall Festival Necklace

Fall Festival Necklace

See more designs at

Find out more about jewelry fashion trends at The Insider

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Autumn Pleasures – Sterling Silver Leaf Charm, Peridot and Citrine Necklace

by Jewels of Saraswati on Sep.22, 2009, under Handmade Jewelry

Autumn is truly one of my favorite times of year! Gorgeous leaves of fiery reds, golden yellows, burnt oranges, pale greens underfoot…. We can draw so much inspiration from the beauty of the earth around us.

Here is one of my Fall inspired items perfect for the  season!

Autumns Radiant Dawn

Autumn's Radiant Dawn

Like it? You can buy this piece from my etsy shop.

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