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Avoid Risky Trends with Forever Lasting Jewelry Statements

by Joy Jewlr on Dec.11, 2009, under Business Tips, Jewelry Trends

Some trends manage to last an entire fashion season while others come and go so quickly that they are never to be seen or heard of again. Butterfly hair clips, Spice Girl paraphernalia, mood rings, and other frivolous trends not only retire from our wardrobes but also from our memories. Sad but true, some trends are never meant to last.

When jewelry shopping for a loved one, the last thing we want is for our gift to be forgotten, worthless, or worse, at a garage sale. We want our gift to be worn and cherished; we want it to have special meaning so it can last forever.

So, how do you buy a fashionable piece of jewelry that will look beautiful and last forever? To ensure that your jewelry picks and gifts will truly last a lifetime, avoid risky trends with these simple tips.

First, shop for significance. A celebration band for a graduation gift will have far more meaning than a cool wristwatch.

Second, shop with class. Avoid some of the bizarre and borderline tacky trends by sticking with the classics. Gold and silver will always be in style as opposed to colorful beads, which may only be worn once or twice. In this case, a classic diamond is always forever; proving, that less is more beautiful.

Third, and finally, shop with love. It’s a no-brainer that when you put your heart into something, the results are always beautiful. When you take the time to personalize a special gift, you know that it will be cherished – and perhaps even worn – forever.

Checkout more such personalized jewelry on Jewlr.

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The Benefits of Online Jewelry Shopping

by Joy Jewlr on Dec.02, 2009, under News & Events

Sometimes we just don’t have the time to commute to a mall and browse stores from top to bottom; and when we do have the time, we are often faced with unbearable crowds and overpriced parking. Sometimes shopping for that perfect gift can be a royal pain in the behind.

For these reasons and more, millions of consumers have turned to online shopping for both a more time and cost effective shopping experience. Not only does online shopping save you from parking lot frustration and sardine-in-a-can crowds, it’s easy, affordable, and best of all you can shop from the comfort of your home.


The majority of online shoppers want to ensure that their information is secure while embarking on a fun and user-friendly shopping experience. When it comes to online jewelry shopping, it’s natural for some skepticism to arise in regard to quality and accuracy of what your chosen piece will actually look like.


Fortunately, skepticism can be put at ease thanks to several online technological advancements. Many online jewelry stores, such as, are proving to be a secure and trusted way to shop. Due to Jewlr’s creative visual-wizards, secure payment system, and high quality manufacturing the result is simply happy and satisfied customers. Not only does Jewlr provide an instant shot of what your personalized item will look like, but it provides a simple ring sizer tool, which you can use to determine your ring size if you do not already know it.


It’s safe to say that online jewelry shopping has come a long way to satisfy us savvy-shoppers. Not only do we avoid the lines, crowds, and extra costs (i.e. parking etc), we get our goods delivered straight to our door ;) Now that’s what I call shopping!

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Jewelry Business Tips – Trunk Shows Rock!

by jessejamesbeads on Nov.24, 2009, under Business Tips

A few weeks ago, the company that I work for decided to offer our Fashion-Inspired Bead Strands to several bead stores on consignment. “What a wonderful idea,” I thought. Consigning lets these bead shops can test out a new innovative product at no risk.


I sent consignment information to our “Bead Shops” list of friends, and crossed my fingers that someone would be interested. Guess what? Within a few hours of sending the info out, I had several responses curious to see what the Jesse James Beads’ “Trunk Show” was all about.

Trunk Show? Oh yes, consigning in the beading world is called a Trunk Show! (my A-Ha moment)

I’ve now learned that many bead shops participate in consignment “Trunk Show” offers. Here is how they work:

  • A bead shop gets a shipment of a company’s product in at no upfront cost
  • The bead shop sells the product for a set amount of days
  • At the end of the trunk show/consignment term, the shop can choose to keep or send back unwanted product.
  • The bead shop pays only for the beads they keep, leaving them only with profit if they send the company’s product leftovers back.

What a wonderful way to try out a new product or company without any risk whatsoever!


Jesse James Beads Fashion-Inspired Strands are unique in concept and design. They are completely innovative – No other company offers mixed Czech strands in color combinations inspired by fashion trends. But because our product lines are so different-from-the-norm, bead shops feel they could be risky. Praise be to The Trunk Show, aka the Risk Eraser! Bead shops now get to assess the revenue opportunities of a new product (without worry of it not working out). The Trunk Show lets the customers decide whether a product is worth stocking. If the beads sell well, buy more. If they don’t, return the leftovers and keep the product. Trunk Shows Rock!


How can you make a “Trunk Show” type of business offer work for your company? Whether you create jewelry, sell beads, resell beads, or just enjoy reading this blog! Is there someway that you can take the trunk show concept and use it to introduce new people to the work you do and love?

If you haven’t seen our Fashion-Inspired Czech Strands, please peruse! Do check ’em out…


With So Much Love to You and Yours,
Sarah James

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Getting started with Jewelry Making – Inspiration Ideas

by roberta on Nov.10, 2009, under Business Tips, Jewelry Making

Creating Jewelry to me was a hobby for a long time. During the economic crisis and because of health issues I had to change my life spending much time at home. Accustomed to the rhythms of my “lost” work and life very intense, I didn’t knew what to do with my time. And then I started to use this time to create new jewelry.

Pearls jewelry set - sale

  1. The first thing was to get informed on trends and styles that were trendy, surfing the Net and looking for new inspirations.
  2. Then I subscribed to various magazines and purchased books that explained and illustrated techniques and materials.
  3. Visiting the sites of designers and craftsmen who were doing this work in a professional manner, was very useful too.

I started to apply what I learned. In the beginning – I was interested in too many subjects, types and techniques which resulted in wasting time, energy and materials in different experiments. I questioned myself, trying to identify what really I wanted to do.

Now I have fixed some steps to give an orientation to my work and this has allowed me to be clear not only about the starting point, but also about the goal to reach. I tried to use the work experience acquired over many years of decorating and art, studying art and drawing on this experience to create my own lines.

Part of the objects I create are commercial but always personal. This is my list by which I try to get inspiration from –

  • Colors
  • Favorite artists
  • Favorite books
  • Songs
  • Poems
  • Specific eras
  • Opposites (good and bad, vices and virtues, white and black, etc.)

Whats your breakdown list when you plan to create something?

Roberta Aiello

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Pendants to Celebrate Fall

by Laura Rockefeller on Sep.19, 2009, under Handmade Jewelry

Oak leaf Fall PendantMaple Leaf Marbleized Polymer Clay Pendant

Autumn Pumpkin PendantAutumn Leaf Pendant

I never want summer to end, but as a color enthusiast, fall foliage helps ease the transition to colder weather. I created my new line of fall pendants as an homage to the spectacular palette that mother nature annually presents those us in temperate climates. I made these out polymer clay using assorted leaf and pumpkin cookie cutters. And best of all with these leaf shaped pendants…no raking!

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