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Jewelry Review: Gold Plated Name Necklaces by oNecklace

by JewelStruck on Nov.27, 2012, under Reviews

Just found this website – oNecklace, which has stunning Name necklaces. Name necklaces have recently become a favorite for many people. The website has awesome collection of these necklaces in silver, gold, white gold, diamond, swarovski etc. The one I liked most was this necklace below.

14K gold Alegro with middle heart name necklace

14K gold Alegro with middle heart name necklace

Above necklace in 14K gold, has name carved out using Alegro font, with a tiny heart in the center to give it a unique look. There are many other styles on the website you can choose from. When you order, they just ask you name, to make sure its spelt correctly. Just checkout their website and I’m sure you would like it as much as I did.

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