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Jewelry Showcase: Exclusive Custom made Jewelry by Alegria

by JewelStruck on Aug.29, 2012, under Jewelry Showcase

Showcasing today, Jewelry collection by Aleksandra Grishina, a Jewelry designer who can product exceptional pieces as per your wishes. She launched Alegria, where she develops Exclusive designs individually for each client. That’s the main reason her Jewelry collection is one of a kind and not dependent on small selection of factory wax models. Below is one of her Creation, a Palette Ring which has natural gemstones and is made with pure gold and silver.

Palette Ring with multiple natural gemstones

Palette Ring with multiple natural gemstones

Aleksandra has a very creative imagination, and she loves to experiment with different materials and design solutions. You can also checkout her ready-to-wear collection, which has lots of pre-designed options to choose from. Checkout her website for more details.

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