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Jewelry Showcase: An autobiographical piece of vassiliki-christina

by JewelStruck on Jun.07, 2012, under Jewelry Showcase
Showcasing today, this very beautiful necklace, an autobiographical piece of vassiliki-christina. The designer collects materials from California, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, Greece, Cyprus (flea markets, vintage shops, etc). you can find glass pieces, wooden pieces or even old earrings, vintage cartoon characters and vintage miniature cars mixed with colourful beads. There are also beads made of fabric,snake skin, as well as ceramic beads and flowers and also a collection of satin ribbon necklaces.

An autobiographical piece of vassiliki-christina

An autobiographical piece of vassiliki-christina

 So this necklace is made out of snake skin beads, something that gives it a great value as everything she wants in her life! The  letter “C” stands for her name (Christina). The dog is for her passion for dogs (She has 3 of them!). The lighthouse is for her passion for traveling and seeing the world! The handmade fabric star is from a flea market in California, and it expresses her love for USA! Finally the vintage piece with the rose is an old lady’s from California and it represents her love for classy, feminine style!
Checkout her webstore and facebook page for more details.

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