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Jewelry Showcase: Fused Glass Jewelry – Green pendant set by Diane

by JewelStruck on Apr.19, 2012, under Handmade Jewelry, Jewelry Making, Jewelry Showcase

Showcasing today this very beautiful green pendant set by Diane Miller. Diane made it on last year’s anniversary of 9/11 to support Muslim brothers and sisters. According to her we are all children of God, Allah, Jehovah, MotherFatherGod etc., and we need to have unity and peace in this world.

Fused Glass Jewelry – Green pendant set by Diane

Fused Glass Jewelry – Green pendant set by Diane

Here is how she describes making this set.

It is made with green glass. You need to purchase glass that is specially made for glass fusing. The first step is cutting the glass to the desired shape. For this green set, I cut the pendant in a square. Before I started however, I looked at Google Images to see what the symbol of Islam is. Then I asked my Mom, Trish Miller (it’s a family business consisting of my mother and myself) to draw the crescent and star on the pendant. She used a black marker to draw on the pendant (she’s much better at drawing than I am!). I filled in the crescent and star with a decoration called Frit. I used the color of Butterscotch and a special type of glue – Glastic – for glass fusing. Glastic is sprinkled onto the pendant first, then the frit. Frit is made up of ceramic that has been fused, quenched to form a glass, and granulated The pendant is placed upon a kiln shelf, a square made from ceramic that is covered with Thinfire paper and placed in the kiln. It takes about 2 hours to cook reaching a temperature of about 1500 degrees Fahrenheit and 8-12 hours to cool. When the pendant is cooled, then you can remove it. My Mom glues the bail onto the back of the pendant using a different type of glue – E6000. That glue is strong and you need to have some ventilation when you’re using it.

The matching earrings were made also using the above process. Again, I sprinkled Butterscotch frit over the glue. I decided to make them pierced.

If you liked this pendant set, or looking for similar ones do get in touch with Diane on her facebook page, or checkout her website for more details.

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