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Gemstone Each Month Series (GEMS) – Diamond for April

by JewelStruck on Apr.16, 2010, under GEMS

Diamond, also the birthstone of April month, has been chosen for Gemstone Each Month Series (GEMS) this month. Being one of the best known and most sought after gem, there is a lot to explore on Diamonds. We would try our best to cover as much as possible of it. So lets get started with some quick facts on Diamonds for the first part of this series.

The Hope Diamond

  • A chemically pure and structuraly perfect diamond is transparent (colourless), but diamonds can be found in many other colours too.
  • Being the hardest substance on earth (10 on Mohs scale) and having  characterstic properties like – high dispersion of light, makes it desirable to be used for many applications other than jewelry too. About 75% of worlds mined Diamonds are not suitable for Jewelry.
  • Most famous use of Diamonds is in Engagement rings. It has been used to symbolize engagements since 15th century.
  • The largest ever found Diamond was Cullinan at 3,106 carats.
  • Most of diamonds are atleast 1-3 billion years old, and they are found more than 100 miles below the earth.
  • Thermal conductivity of Diamonds is higher than other colorless gemstone, and is four times higher than copper.

So these were some quick facts on Diamonds. You will find us exploring more with details soon in coming days. If you have anything to share on Diamonds, do email us at –

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