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GEMS March – How to care for Aquamarine Jewelry

by JewelStruck on Mar.31, 2010, under GEMS

With the last post of Gemstone Each Month Series (GEMS) – March, we would writing on how to care for Aquamarine Jewelry. Do use these tips, to keep your jewelry last long. Also showcasing a very beautiful Aquamarine bracelet by Bead-Fancy Designer.

Waves of crystal and aquamarine bracelet

Continuing with the aquamarine jewelry care tips, here we go:

  • Aquamarine fades with prolonged exposure to light, so that should be avoided as much as possible and it should be stored away from sunlight.
  • It has very good hardness and is durable enough, but still can develop internal cracks if knocked hard. Larger gemstone Jewelry should be worn with care.
  • It needs to be cleaned regularly, to retain its brilliance. It can loose luster, with deposits of dirt and oil on surface.
  • You can use normal soapy water to clean it and dry it with a soft clean cloth. Use of hash chemicals and ultrasonic cleaning should be avoided.
  • Extreme temperature can cause damage to jewelry, so it should be stored in a cool dry place.

Thats all from this series on Aquamarine, we would be coming up with a new stone soon for next month. You can email us your suggestions to, if you want any gemstone to be chosen in particular. Till then, keep rocking!

Image credit – Bead Fancy Designer

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