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Red abalone shell stone ring in Silver

by Maura Nicholson on Mar.03, 2010, under Handmade Jewelry

A lucky ring

Red abalone shell stone ring in silver

I made this ring for myself but sold it to a customer after she had seen me wearing it! I then made another for myself, dropped it out of my pocket next to my car after I had been¬†swimming, didn’t realize and drove over it the next day! I found it 3 days later squashed flat on my drive boo hoo!!!!! I managed to straighten it with out breaking the stone hurray! then I gave it to my niece who fell in love with it but I think she has now lost it,¬†she loses everything! I am going to make myself another one and guard it with my life!!! It is made from silver wire and a red abalone shell stone.

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