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GEMS December – Metaphysical & Healing properties of Ruby

by JewelStruck on Dec.28, 2009, under GEMS

Continuing with our December month’s Gemstone Each Month Series (GEMS) for Ruby, we would be talking about healing, mystical and magical properties of Ruby which are believed by many.

Healing Properties

  • Cleansing the blood of toxins and protection from the plague
  • Supposedly prevents starvation
  • Beneficial in stimulating the adrenal gland
  • Helps improving blood circulation and fighting internal infections

Ruby and diamond bangle by kotomigd

Mystical & Magical Properties

  • The ruby is believed to get intensity into your life. A ruby helps you bringing clarity and wisdom to your world. It very well helps you choose your most productive paths, this gem will fire up your passions and keep you motivated.
  • It supposedly guards you against harmful intentions.  This gemstone can also shield you from psychic or physical attack.
  • According to an ancient tradition ruby blesses your garden and protects it from nature disasters.
  • It helps to promote lucid dreaming, sleeping with it would confront your demons and uncover the means to defeat them. Dreaming of Rubies is also considered as a sign of an opportunity or money coming your way.
  • Wearing a ruby is said to increase the warmth of the body
  • Ruled by Mars, the gemstone ruby is worn during magical rituals to increase the inherent energies that are available to the magician

Image credit – kotomigd

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