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GEMS December – Basic information about Ruby

by JewelStruck on Dec.16, 2009, under GEMS

We got a bit late with out Gemstone Each Month Series (GEMS) 2nd post for December. But better late then never, we did some research as usual :-). And here is some basic information about our December Gemstone Ruby.

In the fascinating world of gemstones, the ruby is the undisputed ruler. Ruby is red corundum, all other color varieties of corundum being referred to as sapphire. Its colour varies from deep cochineal to pale rose red, in some cases with a tinge of purple; the most valued is a pigeon-blood red.

Delicious Large Ruby Red Pear Cut & Aurora Borealis Brooch

The red colour arises from the replacement of a small number of aluminum atoms by chromium atoms (1 in 5,000). High refractivity is characteristic; when cut and polished, ruby is a brilliant stone, but, because it has weak dispersion, it lacks fire.

Usually high temperature heating and controlled cooling is done to clarify the stones, especially by dissolving “silk” (rutile); but it can also improve tone and saturation of color. On exposure to high temperature, ruby becomes green but regains its original colour upon cooling. When subjected to radiant discharge, ruby phosphoresces with a vivid red glow.

Kiss of the Vampire - Ruby Danglers

Ruby is very hard, rubies are rated at 9 on the Mohs’ scale. Compare that to diamonds at 10 and turquoise, which is a relatively soft 5-6.

If you were born in July, ruby is your special birthstone, but ruby jewelry is a universal favorite. We associate the color red with the universal feelings of love and passion, so it’s no wonder that ruby jewelry has always been in demand.

If you love Ruby, or have made something using Ruby or just want to share info on Ruby. We would be very happy to publish it on our blog. Please email us at for the same.

Image credits : glitzuk, highheelsboutique

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