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Jewelry Making – New Illusion Necklace Design

by Kay Jacobs on Dec.12, 2009, under Jewelry Making

The illusion necklace is something that most people are familiar with. I decided that I would give a new twist to it and use colored nylon wire instead of clear in this necklace

Vintage Button Necklace

I use a color of wire that compliments the color elements used in the necklace. The center focal is a vintage button that I took out of a bracelet. I wanted to share this necklace with you because of the uniqueness of the design.

Following are step by step instructions to make this necklace.

Vintage Button Necklace Vintage Button Necklace
Vintage Button Necklace Vintage Button Necklace
Vintage Button Necklace Vintage Button Necklace
Vintage Button Necklace

You can use any stones or crystal rondelles that you like to make this necklace. There are lots of colors of nylon wire available, so choose one that will compliment the beads or crystals that you use.

If you want to see more designs using colored nylon wire, check out my DVD #11 and DVD #12 devoted to the use of this wire to make unique designs at Pizazz Beads.

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