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GEMS November – How to Care for Citrine

by JewelStruck on Nov.30, 2009, under GEMS

Its 30th November and today is last day of our Gemstone each month series (GEMS) for Citrine. We have explored a lot about citrine in past few days. Just to recap, here are links to some interesting posts on citrine again.

Citrine Dream Bracelet

Citrine Dream Bracelet

Our last post on this series is on ‘How to care for citrine’. Your citrine could last for generations if you take care of it in the right way.

  • Although citrine is pretty good at standing up to your normal everyday wear and tear, it must be shielded from any type of situation where it could be scratched or hit.
  • Because of its sensitivity to heat, its recommended for a citrine not to be left in the sun or where it could be exposed to prolonged sunlight or heat. The stone’s color might change and fade into a lighter color in that case.
  • Any commercial jewelry cleaner or plain soap and warm water can be used to wash your citrine. Steam cleaning is not recommended but you may have the stone cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.

So thats all we had to say about citrine, if you think we missed anything in this series, please feel free to comment.

We would be deciding our december Gemstone soon :-), any recommendations? please comment or email us at

The credit for beautiful bracelet goes to – artsyarts.

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