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GEMS November – Metaphysical and Healing properties of Citrine

by JewelStruck on Nov.23, 2009, under GEMS

So far we have discussed a lot about Citrine with our GEMS November series. Though I’m not a strong believer of metaphysical properties of a stone… I always saw it for inspiration, reference and entertainment puprpose sometimes.

Here I’m sharing a few facs I found after my recent reserach :-). These include many interesting beliefs of people on Citrine.. representing a warming and energizing stone.. with the powers of the Sun.


Mental healing properties

  • Citrine is considered to be a self-esteem stone with powers to heal the mind’s feelings of inadequacy and it helps handling negative criticism.
  • It is also used as energizing stone against power issues of willpower, optimism, confidence and self-discipline.
  • Some people believe it has ability to awaken the mind, create clarity and increase knowledge of the self.
  • Citrine dissipates negative energies of all kinds. It never needs any cleansing, as it does not retain any negative energies from its surroundings


Physical properties

  • Citrine acts as an antioxidant, helping counteract the effects of radiation and allergies, working on the second (sacral) and third (solar plexus) chakras.
  • It is also used to help maintain the health of the digestive, circulatory, and urinary system.
  • It is believed to have powers for regenerating body tissues.

Owl pendant - Citrine with Sterling silver wire

Owl pendant - Citrine with Sterling silver wire

Symbolic representation

  • Generally the 13th year wedding anniversary is represented by Citrine.
  • In ancient times, people carried Citrine was as a protection against snake venom and evil thoughts.
  • Citrine is known as the “success stone” because it promotes success, prosperity, and abundance. It particularly promotes success in business, earning it another nickname, “merchant’s stone”.
  • It is said to bring business if put in the cashbox of a shop or carried.

So thats all on metaphysical and healing properties of Citrine I explored. If you wanna share more info on the same.. please comment about it.

Credits – Owl pic by Sari , Earring pics by Julie

Also used to help maintain the health of the digestive, circulatory, and urinary system, citrine works with diseases affecting the heart muscles, kidneys, liver, colon, gall bladder, and digestive organs — such as acid indigestion, poor blood circulation,.

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