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Part 2: Making Stained Glass Jewelry – The Process

by craftygagal on Nov.09, 2009, under Handmade Jewelry, Jewelry Making

In part 1- Tools and Materials – I outlined the tools and supplies need to make stained glass jewelry.

Now I will break it down step by step. I really enjoy the step by step process, know exactly what I need to do next. There is something about the process with its many many steps done in a certain order that I find comforting. Here are the the steps, all the ways down the the numerous cleanings that are imperative to making stained glass jewelry.

The Process of Making Stained Glass Jewelry

  1. I pick my glass, hold it up to the light to see what piece I want to cut.
  2. I clean the glass .
  3. I score the glass with a glass cutter that has a carbide wheel.
  4. I break the glass running pliers (sometime I use a grozier, which are flat nosed, soft metal pliers).
  5. I grind the glass with a diamond bit on a grinder that grinds at a high speed. Grinding does two things, it take the sharp edge off and it is used to obtain the desired shape.
  6. Clean glass which is covered in residue and glass bits.
  7. Wrap the edges of the glass with copper foil.
  8. Apply flux (which is what makes the solder stick to the foil).
  9. Apply the lead free solder on one side.
  10. I let cool, that is why working in a batch is good because I can continue to work while they cool
  11. Repeat process to other side, including appling more flux
  12. Solder the bail/ hoop on
  13. Clean
  14. I polish with silver polish to remove flux residue and make it shiny and pretty
  15. I clean it Yet Again.


These pieces of stained glass jewelry and many others can be found at craftyGAgal Creations.

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