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Creating Focal Components using Polymer Clay for Impulse Bead Buys

by Laura Rockefeller on Nov.05, 2009, under Handmade Jewelry, Jewelry Making

You know you’ve done it. You saw a strand of beads, or two or six, and you just had to have them. I’m certainly guilty of impulse buys of this kind, only to get home and discover I have no focal bead to go with them. So I trot back out to the local bead shop where none of the focals seem quite right. So what to do?

You don’t want to let your beautiful new beads collect dust in one of your many bead storage containers. That’s a fate no bead should ever have to face, especially not those pretties you just brought home!

Enter polymer clay. With your beads handy, you can blend polymer clay colors to craft a perfect match or complement to your new beads. And with a myriad of techniques, there’s a style for every necklace. The focal points for the necklaces above were made out of polymer clay specifically to match beads in my inventory.

Turquoise and Quartz Necklace featuring Handmade Polymer Clay Beads

The green necklace has a round focal made from a jelly role cane to match kelly green round quartz beads. I’ve also created round beads to balance out the chuunkiness of the turquoise nuggets.

Two-strand Majorelle Blue Necklace featuring Handmade Polymer Focal Bead

The blue necklace has a trapezoidal focal bead made of of clay using a marbleizing technique. They match perfectly with the sapphire ceramic discs I just had to have. With polymer clay, you’ll always have beads to match those darling impulse buys!

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