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by jessejamesbeads on Nov.04, 2009, under Jewelry Trends

Why do we create jewelry? And why do we wear it? Do we create something just because it’s pretty? Sometimes…

But the pieces that really hit home and have some drive to them are the ones that are created out of passion. Passion that embodies a necklace or a pair of earrings and let’s the wearer feel like she stands for something when she puts it on (or he, of course!)


The photo shown above is of my new Phillies bracelet that I made during Game 1 of the World Series 2009. I’ve worn it everyday since the start of the Series, it embodies my belief in my team. The Phils are down in the count but boy are they staying alive. I love and have a whole-hearted belief in my team and that is why I wear my bracelet.

What do you wear that strikes your passion? What have you created that has embodied passion for another? As jewelry creators, we have the power to influence our customers, our friends, our families…our jewelry WEARERS’ lives! Tons of people wear jewelry to feel a connection to something. What connection will you bring to the piece you make today?

Passion…Pass it On.

And Go Phils! You can do it boys!

Peace, Love n Beads.
Sarah James

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