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Swarovski Crystals and tips on purchasing them

by gina on Nov.03, 2009, under Jewelry Trends

I’m here not only to tell you a story about jewelry but how I was bedazzled by Swarovski.  I started designing jewelry about 5 yrs ago utilizing both glass beads and Czech beads but when I decided to upgrade my jewelry line to fit into the high end market, I switched to semi-precious stones and accented them with Swarovski Crystals.

Swarovski Crystals contains approximately 32% Lead and comes in many shapes and colors. I tend to design with the Bicone shape the most but utilize many colors. They can also come with an Aurora Borealis (AB) application that creates a rainbow effect.

Swarovski is considered to be the highest quality of machine cut and polished crystal. Daniel Swarovski invented a crystal cutting machine in 1892 that generated a precise uniform cut. Add in a 3D Optimized technology, and a special glass compound and you get a perfected crystal with a unique design and brilliance in color. A brilliance that will easily outshine a bead of lesser quality when compared side by side.

Bracelet made with Swarovski Crystals

Bracelet made with Swarovski Crystals

Designers want to make sure you are purchasing genuine Swarovski crystals? Here are some tips that I’ve learned and want to share with you:

  1. Swarovski Crystals are not strung on a string
  2. Pay attention to the packaging. Most come in 10 gross or ½ gross. Packages are sealed with a silver hologram that says Crystallized.
  3. Because each crystal is machine cut they will be exactly the same. The height, width and slope are consistent.
  4. The precision cutting of Swarovski machinery allows each crystal facet junctures to all meet up at the same point which is very similar to diamond faceting.
  5. AB finish Swarovski crystals will have no swirl marks and generally no scratches.
  6. If you see bubbles, it’s an imitation.

If you would like to learn more about Swarovski Crystals go to and if you would like to see some of my designs with Swarovski Crystals you can go to

I appreciate your comments and hope to learn what you’ve been doing with Swarvoski crystals too.

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