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Kundan Meena Bridal Necklace Set with Rhodolite

by Shilpee Nagota on Oct.29, 2009, under Jewelry Designs

Kundan Meena Bridal Necklace Set with Rhodolite

Kundan Meena Bridal Necklace Set with Rhodolite

  • Product name :- Necklace Set
  • Style of Jewelry :- Traditional and Bridal
  • Metals used :- 24 Carat Yellow Gold
  • Settings used :- Jadau
  • Stones used :- Rhodolite and Diamond Polkis
  • Other details :-Bezel type setting for stones, also known as Jadau.

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  • valentines day

    Beautiful set! I have been looking for a necklace like this since from many days. I love it. Any help then it would be great. I want to see a catalog too.

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