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Going Green with Jewelry – your views?

by JewelStruck on Oct.27, 2009, under Jewelry Trends

Global warming has garnered a lot of public attention in recent years. With the rise in fuel prices and economic crisis people are now concerned on how they are spending their money. Changes in climate has further added to the cause now people are becoming more environmentally aware.  I wanted to explore various ways by which we can – Go Green with Jewelry.

The basic principle of resource conservation, which is governed by 3 R’s rule is valid with Jewelry as well –  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Instead of using metals which are mined, its better to use eco-friendly alternatives. Recycled and found objects have also gained popularity recently.

Other than use of clay, granite, bamboo and ivory to make Jewelry.. a few natural products can be used via woven jewelry like cotton, hemp, wool, shells etc. Although these items are not as glittery as gold and silver, they can still be very beautiful replacements.

Even if you plan to buy gold or silver Jewelry – you should be able to trace the origin of the product. Many companies are offering certified warranties, so that you know where each part of the jewelry came from, and how it was made.  Has the profit made from the diamond in the engagement ring you are about to buy been used to fund rebel military operations? To ensure they are not, you can now purchase certified “non-conflict” stones.

So, how are you ‘Going Green with Jewelry’?

Would love to know your thoughts on the same. Please comment in case you think I’ve left out something !!

Picture credit :-  hafsteinnjuliusson – Growing Jewelry

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