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Unique Kundan Meena Necklace Set with a mix of 18ct white & 24ct yellow gold

by Shilpee Nagota on Oct.26, 2009, under Jewelry Designs

Kundan Meena Unique Necklace Set with 18 Carat and 24 Carat

Kundan Meena Necklace Set with a unique mix of 18ct white & 24ct yellow gold

  • Product name :- Necklace Set
  • Style of Jewelry :- Unique and Western
  • Metals used :- 24 Carat Yellow Gold, 18 Carat White Gold
  • Settings used :- Jadau, Pave in Diamonds and Hanging in Pink Tourmaline
  • Stones used :- Pink Tourmaline , Diamonds and Diamond Polkis
  • Other details :- Bezel type setting for stones, also known as Jadau

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    kinda appreciated what you wrote . it really isn’t that simple to discover even remotely good stuff toactually read (you know really READ and not simply browsing through it like some zombie before going somewhere else), so cheers mate for not wasting any of my time! ;)

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