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Color and Fashion: Two Monumental Elements in Jewelry Design

by jessejamesbeads on Oct.22, 2009, under Jewelry Trends

Fashion and color are partners in crime, one cannot be without the other. Color is a force to be reckoned with and it has the power to make or break a fashionable piece. When thoughtfully planned, fashionable coloring will make your jewelry design rock solid.

A few notes on color:
-Colors run in trends and they change with the seasons.
-Out of style colors = out of style jewelry
-A jewelry piece can be fashionable JUST by the colors that you use

Use Pantone seasonal color reports as a jumping off point for your color planning. Shown here is the Pantone Fashion Color Report of Fall/Winter 2009/2010:

The 10 Most In-Style Colors of the Fall/Winter 2009/2010 Season

The 10 Most In-Style Colors of the Fall/Winter 2009/2010 Season

Pantone surveys the designers of New York Fashion Week to report on the 10 most directional colors of each season. The current season’s color choices are diverse but uniquely integrate with each other, making Fall/Winter 2009/2010 an incredibly appealing fashion season.

These Pantone colors are the most in-style colors of the season. And you know what is amazing? They ALL match with one another.

Jesse James Beads has just released 11 New Bead Combos that have been inspired by Fall Fashion and the current Pantone report. Please peruse our new combos and their fashion inspiration in the photos below. Follow the link at the bottom of this page to view and purchase the hottest bead combos on the ‘net.

inspired by designer's top runway looks and the fall/winter 2009/2010 pantone report
Jesse James Beads Fall Combos 4 - 6
Jesse James Beads Fall Combos 7 - 9
Jesse James Beads Fall Combos 10 and 11

Jesse James Beads is a fashion-based bead company that continually follows trends in color and fashion to create hot bead mixes. Jesse James Beads is the first and only bead company to deliver high quality bead mixes that have been inspired by haute fashion. Check us out at

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