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Amethyst, Pearl and Labradorite earrings in silver

by Maura Nicholson on Oct.03, 2009, under Handmade Jewelry

Silver,amethyst,paerl and labradorite earrings

Amethyst, pearl and labradorite earrings in silver

My mum always wore her pearls when she went out in the evening with my dad. My sister and I  loved watching her get ready, putting on her powder and lipstick and finally her pearls. She allowed us to rummage through and dress up in her jewels, powder and lipstick. I now use a lot of pearls in my designs, I love them!

These earrings have lilac pearls, more of a pink colour, amethyst and labradorite beads, the silver pieces look a bit like eyes and have a amethyst stone. You can buy this piece from my shop.

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