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Yellow Gold Diamond Bangles

by Shilpee Nagota on Sep.28, 2009, under Jewelry Designs
Beautiful Yellow Gold Diamond Bangles.

Beautiful Yellow Gold Diamond Bangles.

  • Product name :- Bangles
  • Style of Jewelry :- Traditional and Daily Wear
  • Metals used :- Yellow Gold
  • Settings used :- Prong and Pave in Diamonds
  • Stones used :- Diamonds

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Coming from a family already in Jewelry business, she started taking interest into Jewelry Designing and Manufacturing at an early age of 16. She completed manual Jewelry designing and Computer Aided Designing courses at JPDC, which is one of the most renowned institutes in India. She took specializations in Kundan Meena and stone based traditional Jewelry, by working under private firms. She will be posting about some of her creative jewelry designs and current jewelry trends.
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  • Compro Oro

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